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​Educational Philosophy

​ We will develop human resources who could play an active role in the world by experiencing not only "listening / speaking / reading / writing" through education of Japanese language but also "Japanese culture /  Japanese diligence / heart" by

promoting multicultural coexistence through regional exchanges which could cultivate a broad perspective.


​Educational Goals



Acquire correct Japanese proficiency in order to enter universities and colleges.

Through school life, get in touch with

Japanese culture, diligence, feelings, etc. and foster an active attitude of working on everything and broad perspective.

Develop the ability to convey your thoughts in Japanese accurately to the other person, as well as understanding what the other person is saying and actiong accordingly.


Enhance human nature all together with international students from different nationalities by understanding each other's cultural differences and building equal relationships.​



使える日本語力を伸ばす 紺.JPG

Develop practical Japanese proficiency 

Develop your ability to speak by assuming actual situations.

GK Japanese Language School is located on the 4th floor of the head office of Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd., so you can also have the opportunity to talk with Japanese people in the break room or cafeteria.

You can immediately put into practice the words you learned in the classroom.

We also prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) and Examination for Japanese University Admission for International Students (EJU).

会社見学で未来を見据える 紺.JPG

Looking to the future with social tours

What do you do after graduating from a Japanese language school? I often hear people say that they want to work in Japan, but do you have an image of working for a Japanese company? GK Japanese Language School has various group companies. I hope that you will broaden your horizons and use it for future design through company tours and interaction with employees. In addition, we provide opportunities to experience seasonal Japanese culture such as first visits, cherry blossom viewing, and festivals.

充実したサポート体制 紺.JPG

Fulfilling support system

Faculty and staff will teach etiquette and rules in daily life through orientations and interviews so that they can adapt to life in Japan. If you have any problems with your home, part-time job, hospital, etc. in Japan, you can always consult with us.

We also have experienced teachers in career guidance so that you can go on to university or vocational school. We will carefully guide you from how to write an application to interview guidance.



GK Japanese Language School is a school run by the Gourmet Kineya Group.

The Gourmet Kineya Group has various companies such as restaurant business, in-flight meal business, frozen food manufacturing business, transportation business, and long-term care welfare corporation.

Looking ahead to the global society in the future, GK Japanese Language School is not only Japanese as knowledge but also Japanese as a language to build human relations so that foreign students who "want to learn in Japan" can play an active role in Japan and the world. We will cultivate "usable Japanese ability" so that you can acquire it.

Gourmet Kineya Co., Ltd. Director and President

  GK Japanese Language School Establisher   

 Mitsushi Himoto


​ School building information

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