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​Osaka Metro Yotsubashi Line Kita-Kagaya Station

​5 minutes on foot

Nearest station


​About 1 hour by train or bus from Kansai International Airport

​ Around the school


​Osaka Town

​Since Osaka has many rivers and waterways and faces the sea, it has become an economic and commercial center where logistics are concentrated all over Japan, and has prospered as the "kitchen of the world". ​

​ While you can see cultural buildings like Osaka Castle, there are many modern buildings such as Abeno Harukas, and it is a town where you can experience both tradition and innovation.


​​In Osaka, you can enjoy a variety of dishes, from authentic Japanese cuisine to the tastes of the common people. GK Japanese Language School has many group companies related to its "food". Although Osaka is the largest city in western Japan, people are kind, cheap and easy to live in, and there are plenty of part-time jobs. Close to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe, it is a good place to experience Japanese society and culture.


​City of Art

​Kitakagaya, where the GK Japanese Language School is located, is a town that spreads near the mouth of the Kizu River, which flows through the southwestern part of Osaka, the city of water. During the Taisho era, it prospered as a shipbuilding town and was lined with factories and warehouses. Now, it is being reborn as a new "city of art" in Osaka city.

You can see art works right in front of GK Japanese Language School.

​ Why don't you enjoy walking around the city to find art works studded in the city?

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